Ride Wild 2014 I Destination Unknown - Adventure along the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland

I needed an adventure. Badly (having two babies back to back does that to you). And thought that biking the 2500 kilometers of the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland would be adventurous enough for someone who doesn’t bike on roads, long distances anyway. And then two of my friends got excited about the idea.

So then it was the three of us, Kate from the UK, Anne-Marit from Norway and me, Satu from Finland, and five weeks on the Wild Atlantic Way this August. We started on August 4th from Derry, and finished on September 5th in Kinsale.

Ride Wild Team I @SatuVW I Destination Unknown

I had no real idea what biking this kind of distance would take. But I did know that the scenery would be amazing, the food great, the weather – well, it would probably be raining, but it would be good, it was Ireland after all!

Sounds easy, huh!?


The adventure is over! And what an adventure it was…

See all the posts from the trip here, find the videos on this page and in social media you can check #RideWild2014 for the updates along the route. Sign up also for the latest posts and newsletter, we’re already planning the next adventure.


Wild Atlantic Way

We did roughly 100km a day, five days a week for five weeks and stayed put over the weekends. See the full itinerary on the Route page.

  • August 4: Ride Wild 2014 begins in Derry!
  • August 8th in Donegal and 9-10th in Rossnowlaugh
  • August 15-17: Westport
  • August 22-24: Tralee
  • August 29-31: Kenmare
  • September 5: Finish in Kinsale!
  • September 7: Heading back to Dublin


There are few people and companies I can’t thank enough as they have made this trip possible. I could be sitting in the office (earning money), but feel very lucky to be doing this instead. Not a bad deal, I think.

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  1. OMG I am seriously jealous about this idea Satu. In 1985 as a young backpacker I cycled the Ring of Kerry. Make sure you watch Ryan’s Daughter – you’ll cycle through all their territory, Dingle, Dunquin etc – it was one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Ireland in the first place. And northern Donegal. There used to be a lonely youth hosted right up the top somewhere … isolated and wild. My highlight though was a week spent at a folk festival near the Cliffs of Moher. We stayed at a little hostel in Liscannor and I remember all the kids, youngies from all around the world, transfixed as we watched 10 hours straight on television of the very first Live Aid concert. Awesome. That’s the only thing I’d say, you’re setting yourselves a pretty intense itinerary … make sure you take time to smell the roses … and taste the Guiness … and have yourselves some ‘might craic’ x

  2. That looks amazing – I am sooooooo jealous, what a trip. I will follow you with lots of envy and admiration in equal measure! If you have time, we should have a playdate in Dublin – maybe I could take you to Dollymount beach of Howth to see the seals:)

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  36. Hi Satu! I was thinking of doing this cycle for several months now and am now planning to do so in September. I’m a little unsure about how I should approach it in terms of logistics.. What I should pack, where I will stay etc. i cycle a lot but I haven’t done a long distance cycle like this before. What advice would you have for me in terms of booking accommodation and what I should pack? I would really appreciate your response because it’s something I really want to do for myself personally and I believe I am capable but don’t want the logistics of it all to turn me away from it. Thanks, Kevin.

    • Hi Kevin!! Sounds brilliant!! I so would like to go back…. :)

      Regarding packing – you need surprisingly little. If you give me a week, I’ll make a post about it, it’s been sitting in the drafts for a LOOOONG time!

      When it comes to accommodation, we booked something for every night. In a way that was nice, we always knew that we’d have roof over our heads, but it also made it bit more stressful especially in the beginning, as it was hard to estimate how far we’d really get. We had planned doing approx. 100km a day, but sometimes 100km flew past, other days we might have had to take some short cuts to make it to our destination. Depending on how much time you have, i.e. if you are going to take some brakes (we stayed put each weekend), I would probably book those “break times” in a nice location you know you’ll want to spend some time in, and then rest of the time take it as it comes, i.e. maybe make a booking 1-2 days ahead?

      I hope the logistics won’t turn you away, especially as you’ll be doing it out of peak season which means you shouldn’t have trouble finding a spot to stay for each night. One thing to check as well would be warmshowers.org, that way you could stay with other like-minded cyclists every now and then?

      But as said, I’ll make a proper post about the logistics and packing for next week (not the one starting just now as it’s looking like a hectic one) :)
      Have a look! Satu Vänskä-Westgarth recently posted..Norwegian Winter Skiing Adventure: In the Search for SnowMy Profile

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  38. Satu, I am so jealous right now! A world tour has always been on top of my bucket list, but I don’t think I am athletic enough and I don’t think my savings are enough either :((

    But I really wanna go!!!

    Any advice?

    • Hi Bella, sorry for the delayed reply, I was in Italy last week with next to no internet connection!

      So first of all, your fitness. You don’t need to be an athlete to do this. You could totally pace yourself and either do shorter daily distances (and maybe shorter section of the WAW), or get bit of training in before going. It’s amazing how much stronger you will get in five weeks, the difference for me was visible!

      Secondly the cost of the trip. Of course if you wanted to stay in luxury properties the trip would become VERY expensive, but if you are happy to either camp, stay in hostels or maybe using some of the free “online community” accommodation (I personally love http://www.warmshowers.org although couch surfing is a good alternative also), you could really do this quite cheaply. Food along the way is not very expensive, and we tended to have snacks and picnic style lunches with us each day.

      I really hope you get to do this one day, it was an amazing experience and I would actually love to do it again! :) Please let me know if you have any other questions and I’d be happy to help!
      Have a look! Satu Vänskä-Westgarth recently posted..Here It Is: The Next Big(gish) Adventure!My Profile

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