25 Hours and Hamburg

by Satu Vänskä-Westgarth on January 4, 2016 · 0 comments

I’m pretty much at ease being naked. In a sauna. And as long as everyone is following the unwritten social rules I’m used to living by in Finland. But Germany stepped up the “nakedness” protocol to a new level, in a slightly uncomfortable way even for a Finn.

Very excited, as sauna is the number one thing I miss from back home in Finland, I picked up my 10 euros worth of sauna package from the hotel reception at 25hours hotel Hafencity in Hamburg, and headed up to the sixth and top floor for a sauna reconnaissance mission with my camera. All was well, I was quite taken by the combination of industrial design, cool views over the city, refreshing drizzle of rain trickling in through the gaps in the window panes and the “convertible” roof, and the hotness of the sauna itself. There was even a bucket full of water and ladle ready to be used to toss scoops of water on the hot stones of the “kiuas”, as any proper sauna should have. I was about to head back to my room to drop off the camera when a German couple entered the showering area ready to go in the sauna. I have to admit, I stalled a little, curious to see what the protocol here was with the “sauna outfits”. Maybe a swimming costume, maybe a towel, I thought. But no, they were butt-naked.

25hours hotel hafencity I @SatuVW I Destination Unknown

25hours hotel hafencity I @SatuVW I Destination Unknown

Now, as much as I do think nakedness and sauna go hand in hand, here I was fretting away feeling very uncomfortable about the thought of entering a mixed gender sauna naked. And so I retired to my room and reclined on the bed with a book for a while, before I dared to make the trip upstairs again to the sauna, with my swimming costume on…

But sauna was not the main reason to write this post, although it was one of the reasons why I loved this hotel I stayed in on a recent trip to Hamburg. Decent saunas are not easy to come by after all, even here in Norway, which is in a close proximity to my home country both in distance and some what in cultural sense too. And as the combination of words “hotel” and “review” bring a cringe to my face when you add the words “travel blog” in the same sentence, I leave the reviewing to others and let the pictures combined with a few words give an idea why I thought this was such a great spot.

25hours hotel hafencity I @SatuVW I Destination Unknown

Free bikes for guests to use. With pink baskets. While I would not go on a long cycle tour with these bikes, they were perfect for discovering the city by bike.

25hours hotel hafencity I @SatuVW I Destination Unknown

Lounge with unlimited selection of tea. And good tea, that is!

25hours hotel hafencity I @SatuVW I Destination Unknown

Comfortable room that is more than just a standard affair when it comes to a hotel room, with personal touches that make it cozy and comfortable.

25hours hotel hafencity I @SatuVW I Destination Unknown

Restaurant where you actually do want to sit down and eat in, instead of the “I’m too tired to go anywhere, got to stay here” alternative.

Even though I’ve always been slightly wary of Germany as a travel destination (Hamburg did do a good job in changing that though!), I would not mind checking out the other 25hours hotels in Hamburg, Berlin or Frankfurt, as they are all unique and bring something from their local surroundings into their design and concept.

But while I’m plotting the next weekend getaway and bigger adventures for this year, I’m also trying to figure out how to fit it all in just 24 hours a day…

Happy New Year everyone, hope 2016 is a good one! <3

The trip to Hamburg was part of a collaborative campaign between Nordic Travel Bloggers and Hamburg Tourismus. However, I decided on my own itinerary & activities and have full liberty to choose what I portray from the trip.

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